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NSanely Clever Remodeling is a new home improvement show. The show features a mix of factual and “impossible” stories, giving homeowners a chance to tell their own amazing renovation stories. Its producer, John Gemberling, uses video and interviews to get the real story of the average homeowner and bring the real world inside. We’ve been following this show with great interest because of its premise of showing what some of the most innovative homeowners do with their houses.

Remodeling, although it’s often associated with big home improvement projects like replacing kitchen cabinets, can be as simple as replacing floor tiles. It doesn’t have to be either or, either could be the best option for you! NSanely Clever Remodeling takes the average homeowner and puts them in a situation where they have to take control of their own home. There’s no reason to settle for remodeling that makes your home look like a box. With a little knowledge and planning, you can turn an average home into a house you’ll love forever.

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The series has been airing on TLC for over two years now and has proven to be a great success. As the first step in any renovation project, it’s important to find out what’s inside before you start the work, or you might have a lot of work ahead of you when you’re done. The homeowners on NSanely Clever Remodeling got creative by showing us what the average person can do to make their own home more livable.

There are several homeowners who’ve been featured on NSanely Clever Remodeling. We’re not just talking about show regulars such as Martha Stewart, but other everyday people such as Laura Schrader, who found her dream house in a pinch. Some other popular homeowners are Kevin and Carrie. Their unique plan to build a log cabin out of their home’s foundations was creative, but not only did they find something of beauty, they also re-created it in the room they purchased for their dream home.

What can you do with the space inside your home that you currently don’t have room for? With NSanely Clever Remodeling, that’s what we’ll show you next. Create an entertainment and living room out of the kitchen! You don’t have to be able to cook, but you can learn how to, and the end result will be beautiful!

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The NSanely Clever Remodeling show gave us a chance to see and hear other homes that were transformed to give us an incredible view of what the average homeowner does when they are given a remodeling project. From doing small things to making huge changes to create a totally new space. When you are given a goal, you are forced to think outside the box and stay open to all possibilities. Who knew there were so many different ways to renovate our homes?

Each segment of the entire show focuses on a certain aspect of home improvement. NSanely Clever Remodeling can show you how to create the best space within your house with the minimum amount of money spent. It shows how to finish your landscaping properly, plus how to set it up properly. These are just a few of the topics they tackle, and if you watch NSanely Clever Remodeling, you’ll learn a lot about all these aspects of home improvement.

Nancy Godley is the director of Nsanely Clever Remodeling. She shares her thoughts on the state of the economy and the misconceptions about remodeling and gives tips for avoiding common mistakes. Her blog provides plenty of information and inspiration for home owners, including a well-researched guide to choosing the right kitchen cabinets.

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