24 Boho Design and Decor Can Be Intimidating

Those who have a preference for a rustic, charming, and comfortable look may find that Boho design and decor are right for them. The style brings back an earlier time and if you have a small child with you, it can also be very calming to bring him or her with you when you visit these places.

Boho design and decor is not about what the place looks like; rather it is more about how the interior of the house, its surroundings and furniture and its furnishings are combined. In essence, it is the mixture of the cultural influences from different parts of the world.

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The house is set up as if it was designed to suit the tastes of its owners or in other words, to blend with their specific personality. For example, when we look at a house set with a western decor, we would assume that it was built by some sort of old-world individual who liked to use clean and simple pieces of furniture.

However, Boho decor is all about combining eastern and western elements. One can get this quite easily if one visits a country like Cambodia. To the western mind, there will be lots of antique furniture, home accessories, and traditional accessories; but to the interior designer, it will probably look like something that is modern but somehow doesn’t want to stay there.

The design will have details that are very relevant to both the west and the east. For example, the wallpapers and window coverings can easily be from either side of the world. Similarly, the accent pieces can be an old bamboo curtain or a photograph of Buddha that were collected over many years.

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Boho design and decor are a modern thing; but it is still more suited to the person who wants to blend with his or her environment. For example, if one is married, he or she would probably appreciate about design and decor that are more modern but still feel very comfortable.

On the other hand, if one has children, Boho design and decor are going to be more about the child’s room or more about the nursery or even on that most important place – the bathroom. Usually, the child’s room is the one that has a lot of furniture, so it needs to have a very cozy and serene feel to it.

Boho design and decor are about being eclectic. It is about being versatile and using the basic elements of nature like color, texture, and design. It is not about only about one thing or the other.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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