27 The Beach House to Beat All Beach Houses

The Beach House in Ireland is also known as the Bay Palace. It is situated on a lovely beach at Point Pleasant, and it was originally designed by Frank Furness for the Princess Elizabeth of Greece and Italy, Queen Victoria, and King Edward VII of the United Kingdom. It was a stately home that was built from rock and stone and had rooms on two levels. It was previously owned by George IV.

The structure was intended to be as grand as possible and would have included an elegant dining room with attached dining hall and a library, a huge drawing room where Queen Victoria entertained, a bedroom and bathroom, a library with an original wing and an upper deck above, which were where the future king’s golden dreams were held. There was also a conservatory with spiral staircase leading to the upper deck and a veranda, which were where Prince Albert and Queen Mary used for entertaining guests.

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However, the property was never occupied and is now privately owned and one of the most prominent tourist attractions. It has been extensively restored, and is open to the public, but you must be prepared to pay to see it.

The beach house was a vast improvement on the eighteen-century traditional Georgian style, and this is apparent in the huge design factor in the interiors. The natural white sand has been carefully cut and polished to create the perfect effect and the walls and ceilings are beautifully carved with floral patterns. The flooring is covered in a rich stone, with glossy finishes which give it an ancient feel.

There is also a magnificent beach view, which makes the beach house one of the best views in the country. Its main entrance is on the sea front, which also leads to the private dining room, bedrooms, and bathroom. It is great fun for the whole family, but the best times to visit are in the summer months when the sun is shining and the waters are warm.

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The Beach House is open throughout the year but most visitors come during April and May when the sun is high in the sky and the waters are at their most inviting. If you are in the mood for shopping it is close to Doolin and County Antrim shops, but be warned that there is very little shopping available because there is very little activity due to the fact that there is no public transport to take passengers where they need to go.

The people who visit the Beach House are mainly tourists and it is not a place where you want to stay to rest or relax. It is crowded and loud, and the noise level can get quite unbearable for those in one of the larger rooms, so be prepared for a night in a crowded hotel or bed and breakfast before you decide to go to the Beach House.

It is difficult to find a location in Ireland where you can find a rare beach house like this and you are not going to find it very often. It is a unique location, one of the best that I know and well worth a visit.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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