20 Ways your Home *could* Look Cheap

Is your Home looking a little bit better than it did before you moved in? Here are a few things you can do to make it look a lot better.

If your Home looks like it has been broken into, you might want to look at putting some lighting inside your bathroom or kitchen. An overhead lamp, or even a desk lamp could help. If you can’t afford an expensive lamp, consider an under-cabinet light.

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Take a trip to the public pool and get used to how it looks. The pool is one of the more difficult rooms to clean in your Home, and you should be able to spot scum and dirt before you walk in the door. If you can’t go to the pool, use the computer to check it out for any problems.

If you have a “mini-house” with all the rooms on the second floor, you can “add up” by having curtains on all the windows,

which will give your Home a nice look. There is nothing wrong with a nice, soft, fuzzy curtain to hide the flaws in your Home. You can also put up pictures of family and friends on all of the windows in your Home. This can add a nice touch.

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Window treatments in your Home can also add a nice soft feel to your Home. You can find many nice, colorful treatments on the Internet. Find an inexpensive, not over-the-top dresser that matches your decorating theme.

The style of your Home may vary from day to day. Sometimes you can try to keep the same Home as long as possible, other times you may want to try a new Home style for a while.

Often when you remodel your Home, it can be hard to take down some of the cabinets. If you can move some of the cabinets around, this can help to improve the look of your Home. Sometimes, it may be hard to fit in the piece of furniture that you want to move into the cabinet. Get several drawings done, and make sure it will work with the existing furniture in your Home.

Make sure you put all the room back to how it was before you moved it. You can bring in some different furnishings, but only if it matches the rest of the Home. Look for rooms that have the same pattern as the rest of the Home, and add some new pieces to the areas that were missed before.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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