20 Cozy Boho Outdoor Spaces

Boho Outdoor Spaces is unique space ideas which use the large variety of open spaces to create a little extra space for you in your garden or backyard. Here are five top places to consider when creating your own space, for a unique and easy way to create a small garden or a complete outdoor space.

Garden shed. Using garden sheds, attached with a double doorway and internal shelving to provide storage and comfort are some of the most common uses for this space. Create a very warm, cozy and attractive place with the many additional options of timber, or a more solid wooden structure for your shed.

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Patio. A great combination of weather and design can make the patio into a great place to sit and enjoy yourself. Add cushions and a sofa to create a relaxing area for you and family or friends. Adding a patio umbrella is also useful to keep you dry in rainy weather, while creating a table to serve your guests when sitting around.

Roof terrace. If you like the outdoors but have a limited space in your garden, a roof terrace is an excellent idea. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors in a cool and airy environment while creating a permanent outdoor space. Consider lighting, creating seating and adding some plants to give your roof an attractive, and welcoming look.

Courtyard. The courtyard can be transformed from an area outside into an even more private and comfortable area for you and your family to enjoy.

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Sports fields. If you have a large lawn or simply prefer a more formal and contemporary look for your outdoor space, consider designing a sports field into your garden or backyard.

Garden workshop. Work out the odd schedule or childcare responsibilities, in addition to enjoying the benefits of a second living space, and this can be an ideal option for those looking to create more flexible and intimate space within their garden or backyard.

With the increasing demand for alternative space, this style of Boho Outdoor Spaces offers you lots of choices and alternatives, allowing you to combine and complement the space available to you with additional spaces to relax, play, eat and even get creative with your landscape. There are plenty of ways to enhance the overall feel of your garden or backyard with the addition of these uniquely styled spaces.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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