25 From Modern and Contemporary to Rustic and Traditional

Rustic and traditional furniture can mean a lot of different things. But when it comes to the look and feel of your bedroom you are probably thinking of those simple, solid pieces that take design ideas from the country. You may find that a lovely old wrought iron bed or an antique storage chest that was created in that style is ideal for your bedroom.

The appeal of rustic and traditional furniture is often a little vague. However, once you have an idea of what makes rustic so appealing to you, you can choose a rustic accent that will pull your room together.

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To begin with, many of us prefer a bed that isn’t simply modern but comfortable. One of the most common types of rustic and traditional bed is the wood bed. Because rustic furniture often incorporates elements from nature, such as nature’s colors, you will find that rustic beds in the country settings look earthy and naturally beautiful.

As the natural elements of the country are often faded or aged, rustic beds in the country are often very sleek and modern. In order to achieve this look, you might choose to have a very simple bed with high headboards. The look is usually quite contemporary, but you can still achieve a look that is slightly more rustic if you combine an old-fashioned look with a modern bed.

Bedroom furniture is one area where there is not a large difference between traditional and rustic furniture. Even though there are more country themes than ever before, many of the country decorating techniques still work for country inspired furnishings. For example, with country furniture you can usually count on a well-laid out bed, a good nightstand, and a desk in an open room.

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If you want to give your bedroom a more rustic feel, you can also add accessories like candles and vases made from many different materials. You can even bring a rustic look to your bedroom by going with old and out of fashion bed linens in deep shades of brown, green, or red.

If you are adding a piece of furniture to your whole home, you can often put in a rustic style to coordinate with the rest of your furnishings. For example, if you are looking to add country charm to your bed, then you can use a rugged bed frame in a country design. You can also use long country style blankets, bed skirts, pillows, and other items to coordinate with your entire room.

In the end, just as your bedroom decor can be relaxing and romantic, you can achieve a unique rustic look in your bedroom by using your imagination. Look at your own bedroom as an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. Then consider adding country accents to create that tranquil atmosphere.

Emily Lord

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