20 Check Out Our Storage and Organization Ideas

Storage and organization are something that we all take for granted. We need it but rarely give it any thought beyond its appearance on the shelf and our desks, but it is far more important than that.

Storage and organization are what keeps us on track. It is the compass that turns every decision we make into a positive. It gives you direction. Without it, life would be a baffling collection of random and inconsistent decisions.

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Storage and organization are the starting point for so many things. It’s the first step towards success, or failure. It shows us where we are headed and sets the foundation for whatever goals we decide to accomplish.

Storage and organization are the place where we start when we start something new, where we set up plans and objectives for our next project, or piece of equipment. It keeps us on track. It helps to keep us focused on our goals.

We are a little like the lead character in an organizational type of story; we may not even be aware of this. The story focuses on a path and tells us where we are going. If we don’t follow the path we are shown, the character points it out to us.

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Sometimes, we are so focused on our jobs that we lose sight of how we get there. In the business world, it’s easy to see where you are going, but hard to stay on the path. The character in the story turns the path into a crystal-clearclear picture.

We can’t tell what the characters in a story are doing, but we can see their pieces, and if we like them, we can copy them. When we’re on a job, we can look at the progress we’made and follow the blueprint of the character. We can do that for just about anything. All of us have some sort of blueprint, whether it’s the progress of a certain goal, or the part we play in the outcome of a certain event.

Storage and organization take on a whole new meaning when we think about it as the blueprint of our lives. The success of our work, the quality of our relationships, the rewards we receive, and the way we move through life will all be dictated by the skills we pick up from our families, our friends, and our school and church. We can use storage and organization to determine the kind of person we want to be. We can use storage and organization to define who we want to be, and then we can see where our lives are headed.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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