30 White kitchen, Dining & Living Room Design

For a professional and elegant kitchen, having a dining room to complement it is also important. If you want a small kitchen with enough space for the family to sit together, you can do so by putting your dinning room off to the side.

It is easier, and more convenient to have your dining area is next to the sink, but some people prefer their tables are somewhere else. You may not have the room for the dining table in your kitchen, but this is the perfect area for a children’s game room. Add some built-in chairs, TV’s and maybe even a piano bench and you have a great place for entertainment.

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There are some other options for a white kitchen as well. White walls give a certain type of starkness and very simplistic look. A smaller kitchen means you may not have much room for installing the color in the walls and are the perfect time to try for something more.

Window treatments also are an option. Simple, plain looking curtains and drapes are the best choice for your kitchen. The curtains should be easy to clean and easy to fold for easy storage.

If you opt for a white kitchen, you could try a black or gray countertop that has some wood on it to add a very natural look. Just be sure to get a black or gray that has a wood grain and not one that is painted over.

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Another idea for a white kitchen is to add some contrasting colors in different hues to the walls. Add a shiny wood finish for your backsplash or marble tiles for your floor.

If you choose to have a little more color and elegance in your white kitchen, consider getting some plants and flowers. Decorating a white kitchen is a simple way to bring a little color and life into your kitchen. You can use white or off-white paint to paint plants, flowers, or even faux flowers.

White kitchen is a very modern look and is extremely practical for any home. It will help with any space issues and make your home look much better than a similar home that doesn’t have a white kitchen.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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