25 Modern Farmhouse Tour with Texas Forever Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse Tour is an exhibition of a Farmhouse Studio in the Downtown Windsor. A Vintage Living Experience for Visitors and the Neighbors, this is an open house and free tour to experience the qualities of the family living style in an authentic way. A visit to the farmhouse is an experience that you will not forget.

The Modern Farmhouse Tour offers many original windows of the historic history of the farmhouse. There are many interesting items on display and a few of them can be viewed on the web site.

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In the modern farmhouse, there is a light up organic garden filled with some wonderful plants and flowers, animals, and birds. The garden also shows what a home can be. You can sit in the garden, chat with the neighbors, or just enjoy the air-conditioned feel of the garden.

The exhibit on the tour will explain the history of the farmhouse and how it is the first Tudor house and how it is the first Tudor home. There is much more information about the building then you may find on any other website, and the photo gallery of the original pictures show how beautiful the building was.

To get to the Modern Farmhouse Tour, you can take any of the Windsor Bus Lines to the Dixie Transportation Center. From there, you will drive south on Highway 3 until you reach Willow Grove. Follow Willow Grove Road and turn left onto Dixie Drive.

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Drive past the Whiting Gate and continue north for a couple of blocks to the east side of Dixie Drive. You will then continue east along Dixie Drive to Dixie Lane. Turn right on Dixie Lane, and drive on to the Dixie Transportation Center.

After exiting Dixie Transportation Center, you will continue south along Dixie Drive to the end of the road. Turn left at the traffic circle and follow the road down to the house. You will find the historic house and the bus/vehicle parking lot.

You will be able to see what makes this building and property so historic and the reasons for having such a historical antique building. With your guide and your camera, you will have a fantastic time visiting the same place.

Emily Lord

Emily Lord

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