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Just because you use your major kitchen appliances for all your daily meal preparations certainly does not mean that they should get absolutely all of the attention. For example, your cupboards and pantry should also garner a great deal of attention as well. And the latest kitchen pantry designs can help you make full use of the space you have in your kitchen while adding a great deal of style and functionality at the same time.

One of the best ways to go about starting your new pantry installation or construction is by beginning with a plan for functionality. For example, determining what you will store in your pantry versus the cabinets in your kitchen will help you decide on what types and sizes of shelves you will want to incorporate in your new pantry design.

You will also want to make sure the new pantry design accounts for ease of access as well. For example, most people find that shallow shelves work best. But if you do decide to go with deeper shelves then you should consider having some sort of lazy Susan or sliding shelf installed to prevent you from having to get out a step stool every time you need something from one of your pantry shelves.

In addition, if you have a sufficient amount of depth and wall space in your kitchen, then the best pantry design for you would probably be walk in pantry. If you do not have as much room to work with, then you may consider removing some cabinets to make room for a pantry closet.

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