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While it may be quite easy to get distracted by all the wonderful modern kitchen appliances that are now available, the latest kitchen countertop designs are what will help to truly enhance the style of your home. There is an absolutely fantastic variety of countertop designs that you can make use of to take the style of your home to a whole new level.

The best kitchen countertop designs are those that feature elements that command just enough attention to bring guests’ eyes to it, but subtle enough in style to not completely hog all the attention in the room. You see, that is because the best designs for your kitchen are those that successfully combine a number of elements and play off of each other in order to maintain a comprehensive yet very unified sense of style. It is all about making sure that all the major elements in your kitchen, such as the countertop, cabinets and major appliances present all work together to maintain a theme or a proper balance of design elements. Otherwise, you run the risk of your kitchen appearing to be incongruent and unbalanced.

As for specific types of countertop designs for your kitchen, the island style of countertop continues to be quite popular for a number of reasons, including the freedom of movement that they afford as well as the increased accessibility to cooking utensils and preparation materials

And in terms of the materials that you have to choose from, granite countertops have proven to provide quite a durable and elegant addition.

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